>The Boomer Flush

>My Dramatic Perspective

There’s a looming spirit of death lingering about the corporate work place today. No one really wants to talk about it, nor wants to acknowledge that it’s only getting stronger and sooner than later, will eat any executive over age 40 for lunch.

Many call it simply “the new way of doing business, 2.0 something or the other, social networking,” whatever. I call it the end of the innocent executive. Today’s executives say…over age forty are feeling some targeted pressure. The same people that grew up with the perspective of self empowerment and an attitude of change, are now overlooked in boardrooms across America. Many sit quietly, processing every word that could potentially come out of their mouth, out of fear to not to sound ignorant or worse, give the twenty four year old in the room even more leverage to claim that corner office.

Today’s mature executive is feeling the heat to quickly learn all the terms, web lingo and trends sprouting up literally over night. Unlike their younger counterparts, they fight internally against the things they’ve learned in the corporate world to now ‘try’ and embrace this new fast and furious way doing business. All those years of sound business knowledge, the strategic positioning one’s career, climbing corporate ladders, collecting accolades, outshined in a nanosecond by the blogging and social media power in the new rookie’s arsenal. It all seems so unfair.

Some corporate rookies have an arrogance about them…no? This quiet confidence that holds the weight of a thousand pounds and unknown casualties. It’s almost like they have their finger on the heartbeat of the new business world, know how to navigate unknown terrain, as if they’d traveled down those paths a thousand times. Although you fight to admit it, it feels like they have this ‘inside’ joke that only people under thirty get and they soooo know it!

They don’t play fair. They wait until your guard is down and when you least expect it, whip out that new shiny knowledge like brilliant sword that swooshes you’re your head so close, it would have chopped it off if you didn’t duck. Then they pull back, hold their weapons close, until the next opportune time to flush out another Boomer that stands in their way of getting that corner office.

Yes, the spirit of death is prominent in corporate America today and as the power of the Internet grows the casualties rise. Perhaps a bit dramatic illustration, but all very true. I created this blog to light a fire under some of the Boomers (many my mentors and friends) that just got a little too comfortable perched up on those 20, 30 sometimes 40 years of experience they’ve placed their identity and paychecks on. All those years of hard work fighting the system, designing the perfect yuppie lifestyle and now…just when they thought you were home free to retirement, blam! The rules change and (gasp), Boomers weren’t invited to the meeting where the new rules were cited. One might ask: Is there a choice in the matter? Ummm. No. Either Boomers get back into their rebel gear, mindset and learn how to leverage themselves QUICKLY, or they need to just pack up and go home. The speed at which this train is moving is fierce and all the evening Internet classes in the world will not help a Boomer gain leverage. It’s all about strategy.

So how does a Boomer line up some strategies? Ever hear of keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer? Kinda sorta the same concept. Not saying Gen Y or Millennials are the enemy here…but their brain power and capabilities are a force to be reckoned with. Be careful not to misjudge those innocent fresh faces for behind that flawless skin likes a mechanism that knows how to source information, sort data and reel off digital communication strategies that will make your head spin. Indeed, a force and only getting stronger and more confident by the minute. Fear does not exist.

Back to my point for creating the Millennial Boomer Blog. It’s pretty simple, as a Gen X child, I’ve been quietly sandwiched in the middle of the two super generations of the world. I’ve always been somewhat of a smart girl and over the years, I figured out a way to mix up the two super gens without them even knowing it. As a marketing agency owner, I made it a point to always have young talent in my office. My Boomer clients benefited from the newer knowledge and techniques. Best part is that at the end of the day, I looked like a rockstar. Sorry but no altruistic intentions…all business.

The formula is simple: Learn how to blend a Boomer with a Millennial and you’ve now created the hybrid of all business people: The Millennial Boomer. How does one do that, ahhh, that’s the tricky part. Not easy, but there is a formula. Over the next several months I’ll be sharing those techniques and some unsolicited opinions on this blog. Sorry, want the ‘corporate read’ buy the book. It will be out later this year. Peace.

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