>New Vision for the Millennial Boomer Blog

>Becoming a Millennial Boomer through this blog

Indeed. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my head in book publishing mode, agent proposals. That part is going well, but totally overlooked how much I could be doing with this blog. My digital communications class served me well this week when it challenged my intentions and asked me how much I’m really contributing to my readers. So true. Not about the book. All about the useful information I’m putting out into the world. So without further hesitation, I’ll now cover all the material I planned for the book, in this blog. Enjoy and please pay it forward:

For the last few years, Boomers have experienced common challenges throughout the job market in a couple of areas. The first is that business 2.0 is evolving faster than ever. The second is that the economy is calling for companies to cut back, lower wages and automate as much as possible. The result of those two needs is simply that the new crop of younger, less expensive executives are not only filling in the void Boomers are leaving, they’re redefining shaping the new Business 2.0 model in just about every industry on earth.

Looking back on the dot.com fury that took place ten years ago, younger and cheaper does not always mean better. However, where there is change, there is opportunity. There is a new season of opportunity for the Boomer who is willing to reframe his position in this uncertain economic climate. I believe that the key is to help Boomers recognize their new market niche. My goal is to make The Millennial Boomer blog a guide that empowers and educates that kind of Boomer. It shares practical ways to implement the best Business 2.0 tools, while harnessing and leveraging the precious talent Gen Y has to offer. It also shows the Boomer how to tap back into his years of experience as a subject expert. Thus creating the new super being: A Millennial Boomer.

Why the timing is perfect to become a Millennial Boomer:

Many Boomers today are going back to traditional colleges in hopes of capturing just enough technical education to ensure they remain competitive in the market place. I can testify that in almost 15 years of working with Boomers I’ve never heard one of them say: I want to go back to college to learn about technology. Sure Boomers want to understand how the web will affect their business and ultimately their lives, but the formula is not to ask a Boomer to go learn more technology or take an internship. The key to empowering today’s Boomer is to teach him how and why to work with Gen Y.

20-40 years of experience can not be easily duplicated. Not only will this blog teach the Boomer how to reclaim his place in the market, he will realize a new found freedom by becoming his industry’s ‘Linchpin’ as Seth Godin coins so well.

How does one become a Millennial Boomer?

We begin by realistically identifying the current state of reality. The sooner The Millennial Boomer realistically faces off with his challenges, the quicker he’ll reach his goals. I also call on subject experts from time to time, that share how to prepare for the journey emotionally and mentally. That is the beginning to the pivotal moment where he begins to see it take shape.

The next stage is to begin building those interdependent relationships that will help get him to his chosen destination. Part of building these relationships is to build a personal and professional support network. That network is comprised of colleagues, friends even family; however, the largest focus is in developing the Boomer’s Gen Y affiliates.

Once the prep work is done, we’ll journey together with the Boomer to build it. We pay special attention to a series of new marketing research and business development techniques. The best part is that during this process we find ways to once again reignite passion and remind the Boomer of his new purpose.

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