>A peek at The Millennial Boomer book contents

>Title: The Millennial Boomer
Subtitle: Five Simple Steps for Boomers to Thrive in Today’s Workforce

I. The Facts
A. Where do Boomers stand in the Job Marketplace Today?
B. How does Gen Y stack up?
C. What do you want to change?

II. Priming the Pump
A. Personal – Preparing for the Win
1. Personal Assessments
2. Establishing Your Goals

B. Support Team – Allies, Family and most Important: Gen Y (Millennials)
1. Getting Buy-In
2. Assessing Strengths
3. Organizing Your Players

III. Road Mapping with Your Team
A. Short and long term business goals

B. Develop your Niche – Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
1. Clients: Who Are You and Why do They Want to Work with You?
2. Building the Plan
:: Organizing Your Systems
:: Budgeting for Short and Long Term Goals
:: Getting the Word Out

IV. Ready, Set, ACTION!
A. Seeking, Profiling and Qualifying Opportunities
B. Getting the Work
C. Getting MORE Work

V. Sustaining the Journey
A. The Tools
B. Strategies to Help Maintain Momentum in the Market

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