Class Discussion: How do people search online?

This is a recent class discussion about our findings when we were asked to study three different people’s behavioral patterns online. Here’s my perspective:

Q: Does anything about the results surprise you??
?A: No, not at all. I think the general synopsis is that Google is still the search engine of choice. I very much lean in that direction when I’m in need of information.???

Q: Do you think our group’s results are representative of the broader population??
?A: Yes, In fact I read in the site you referenced Google’s still maintaining market share of 71% in comparison to Bing coming in this month at 9%. I think that’s a large margin and personally, I don’t think it’s going to dramatically change in the near future.???

Q: What do the results suggest about the ways in which consumers use the Internet to find the information they need??
A: I think it demonstrates how loyal consumers are to a brand they trust. I believe that consumers want the source they know will access what they are looking for and Google does a great job at ensuring they have many options to enhance that search.

I also think that Bing is graphic heavy, text is much more the hook and it seems that they do have several more user function features. I think the possibility of it topping Google will be determined by the user. Just like Firefox has quickly gained market share: , over Google, Bing could slowly become the ‘sophisticated’ user’s SE of choice. I believe if Bing proves it’s level of robust search return, it’s possible as well.

Oh also found this in the readings today: If we find something that works, we stick to it. Once we find something that works—no matter how badly—we tend not to look for a better way. We’ll use a better way if we stumble across one, but we seldom look for one.

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