>Preparing for Internet Marketing School

>So I thought what better than to share the knowledge I’m gaining about internet marketing with the interested people of the world. Over the next 25 months, I’ll be a full time student working towards my MBA in Internet Marketing. This is an ever evolving field, so every week I’ll post my latest discoveries, tips and maybe even a report or two on my blog. Hopefully this will serve those who read it, but more importantly, I’ll be required to always get my homework done.

Here’s some of the courses I’ll be taking:

Internet Consumer Behavior
IT Communications
Digital Storytelling
Internet Business Models
New Media Distribution Channels
Internet Law and Legal Issues
Search Engine Optimization I
Introduction to Web Interface and Usability
Viral Marketing
Intellectual Property
Information Systems and E-Commerce
Social Media Optimization
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Banner Advertising
Web Analytics and Reporting
Interpersonal Communications
Media and Society
Pay-Per-Click Campaign Development
Search Engine Optimization II
Internet Marketing Research Strategies
Global Internet Marketing Strategies
Cultural Studies and the Web

Class begins: 1/7/2010 Wish me luck!

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