2010 Social Media trends become more exclusive. Now more than ever, marketing to Boomers via hand held devices will be lucrative.

In a recent article, Harvard Business Review details out what the 2010 social media trends will look, making statements such as: exclusivity, cutting back on noise and clutter, etc. I agree, social media will be certainly getting more and more refined as time passes. The question everyone is asking is “how”.

I have a theory that those who know how to reach the Boomer executives, with a humble objective and defined agenda, will gain huge leverage over these coming years. You see, Boomers know how to build social exclusivity better than anyone else on the planet. As an X child, I learned all about the 60’s where they compartmentalized the largest segment of the country’s population to follow a brand new way of embracing freedom and love. In the 80’s they quietly conditioned the world to embrace the yuppie lifestyle…both classic illustrations of knowing how to “separate” oneself from the conformists. Both social economic landmarks where the rest of the population had no choice but to pay attention as they watched from the other side of the fence.

What is marketing in 2010? It’s nothing but a social and economic movement. Redefinition of how business is done, money is spent and people are to behave. To the novice it seems like uncharted territory, but to a Boomer, it’s all too familiar playing ground. In the blink of an eye, Boomers know how to rally their own and move mountains. A social media marketer’s dream come true. The only problem is, they don’t know how much power they really hold.

Many Boomers are still caught up on the learning curve of how this whole social media trend works and the fact that it’s an endless reel of activity that they need to wrap their head around. As marketers we’re all busy looking at the freighting statistics that tell us that Boomer numbers are low in the social media world…asking each other “how the heck are we going to get them more engaged in this new medium when this IS where business is going?”

I believe that those of us marketers that know how to empower the Boomer to think “just like the good ol days” will be leveraging products and services throughout the social media channels like none other. My best guess is that Boomer marketing history is going to happen via the hand held devices. Boomers love their phones and are very comfortable with the straightforward applications of sending email and texting. Marketers that know how to tie the gadget to their cause will be light years ahead of the game with this tight knit group. Just my two cents, but of course time will tell…

More on 2010 social media trends: http://bit.ly/4sQN48

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