Sniff sniff…mmmm – 05/08

Sooo. It’s spring cleaning time. Time to switch out the winter wardrobe, wash and store all the blankies with cedar balls and most important, time to call in the spring cleaning maids (YES)!!!
I came home today after working like a feind: Totally prospected three new deals and processed files for over 150 aspiring actors. To say the least, I’ve been a busy girl! So today when I went home, walked in the house and smelled like a oranges…at times even a hint of pine. Kicked off my heels and walked into the kitchen and even after making a divine Greek dinner (making a special effort to poke my toes into the corners of the baseboards). Sometimes they miss a spot…but today, nothing. Not a crumb, not a slimey nor a sticky. Sheer beauty. The best part? We have hard water and no matter what product line we purchase, the creepy stains mock us daily. But today??? Today…I crept into the hall bath, told myself “I will not assume anything and I will be very understanding if they just couldn’t get the stains out either,” switched on the light after giving myself a quick hair check in the mirror…slowly walked over to the evil throne, lifted the cover and I swear I heard angels sing. Nothing but pure white porcelain majesty! I was so excited I called my husband to come appreciate the beauty with me…very special moment for us (seriously, we’ll talk about this in our senior years).

Here’s my little kudos to self…I finally did something right. I used to guilt myself to death for not having time to pay special attention to the domestic details…I’d even get insane with my husband and teenager for not doing it either. After many pout sessions and therapy (yes really, spent two sessions on this one), it finally dawned on me that life’s too short. It’s seriously okay to not be a super woman and I truely believe that I’ll have better skin in the end! All that stress over a clean toilet bowl! Common! I can get just as insane closing deals for my company and make killer money for every crease that forms on my brow. Now that’s ROI!

So, in conclusion, coming home today was bliss. I became INSTANTLY relaxed the minute I stepped in the door . Four well paid hours earlier, two magical maids can be thanked for making it all possible. I’ll never pick up a swif thingie again!

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