>Adobe to "pattern interrupt" the training/seminar world

>As you probably already know, 80% of the world’s population are visual learners. History shows us that Adobe’s done a great job of setting a standard for ‘the way to communicate ideas and information.’ I mean look at how it’s played out, Corel was the tool in graphic manipulation in the 90’s, Adobe stepped in and now it’s “Corel who?”, MS Word was the norm in document serving, now if someone does not send a PDF, it’s a sin and I’m sure you’ve seen what After Effects has done for the video production world. Seems that once Adobe arrives to the party, it becomes ‘the way’ and everyone kinda falls into place to follow the new world leader of visual content.

As a marketing strategist, I have no doubt that they will once again define the rules for all of us. This time it’s going to be: how corporate America shows up on a training level. They’re seeing the trend (good news for you), rolling up their sleeves and deciding that they want to play in the webinar world (not so good news for you if you’re not prepared). You may say, “we don’t do webinars” but if you look at it, what is a webinar? It’s nothing but training so, indeed, this will very much affect the training world you’re living in.

How does this affect you? You guys provide e-learning solutions, yes…that’s true, but what are you really selling? It’s all about entertainment value…isn’t it? You’re selling the idea of keeping people engaged longer and more attentively during their training experience by incorporating graphics and video elements. Right?

I dare say that if you can get a head start on figuring out what Adobe’s going to do in the training/webinar world, you’ll be much better suited for the day when a prospect looks at you and says ‘well, we bought the new Adobe XXXX program and think we might try to produce our webinars and training materials ourselves.’ Take it from someone that’s heard that statement for years when people started figuring out how to use Photoshop and thought they could design their own websites. As a professional who wanted to keep her income bracket, I had to figure out my added value niche and more importantly, the strategy I was going to use to let them know how ridiculous they were for even trying to go about it themselves. It’s how I was always able to maintain my higher end pricing structure, when the rest of the designers in my field would cave at lower pricing requests.

All trends in our industries move in cycles and now of course 10 years later, people understand that just because one has Photoshop and can do the work, does not mean one should. Much to their sympathy, they had to endure wearing ugly websites designed by some in house guy who didn’t get enough creative time at the crayon table in kindergarten…needed to prove he had ‘talent’ to learn the hard way, again: just because you can, does not mean you should. I digress.

Coming back to your backyard, Adobe is coming, full bodied and ready to play. Been doing this strategy stuff for over 13 years, I can’t remember when I was wrong about a corporate marketing trend. I hope you’ll be able to spot the nuggets and get your game plan. I’d start by attending Adobe’s gig on Thursday. Good luck!


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