You Only Get 24 Hours Babe

After owning and selling my tech company in my twenties, then buying and operating an ad agency in my thirties, it dawned on me that I wasn’t happy.  Always chasing my the next campaign and the next account.  I was stressed, tired and fat!  That’s right, the less I loved my work, the less I loved myself, the less I took care of myself.  Beauty routine went out the door too.1

One day, I sat down and made a list of the five business tasks that made me the happiest.   The most common thread among my top five:  Making things beautiful.  It didn’t matter if it was the campaign I was designing, the new office space I was setting up or getting the perfect blow out, I had a need to improve, restore and beautify the world around me.  Probably why I ended up investing in spas now in my 40s.

The moral is, I was the happiest, and all my businesses made the most money when I JUST worked on these five things. The rest is done by staff each working off their own top five list.  Let’s face it.  We only get 24 hours.   Outside of investing them into family, I can’t think of anything better than playing a professional pretty maker 😉 xo

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Taking Back Your Peace


Some days it’s hard to not wake up feeling overwhelmed and on edge.  It’s hard to get centered, look ahead to the day with an optimistic attitude and feel the spirit of possibility.  The voice inside tells us to “push through it, stay strong and work harder.”  Ironically, over the years, I’ve learned to do quite the opposite in fact.  I’ve learned the harder I push, the more I obsess, the more miserable my existence becomes.  Instead, I stop.  Stop obsessing, stop filling up the list of more things to do.  Just reflect.

Reflect on everything that is going right.  Reflect on everything that you’ve proven and conquered.  Reflect on who you are and who’s you are.  Let those moments sink in and have gratitude.  They are indeed yours to forever own.  Magically, ironically, God…the Universe…however you frame your greater power, will give you peace.   You will also receive resolve and all the pieces magically start to fall into place.


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Doubling Your Productivity in Half the Time

So you like to file but someone somewhere told you, “it’s a waste of your entrepreneurial mind to do your own filing…” I’m here to tell you not so! Sometimes, getting the simple tasks done make all the wPatty_Rappa_GG_Timeorld of difference to the overloaded entrepreneur! Gives us a sense of our power back and when you have power, you get results.

Saving time (and money) is not about delegating the mundane tasks. It’s about getting the right strengths (and people) plugged into the right places, starting with YOU! Listen to my latest podcast for a quick and easy way to dial it all in!

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Manifesting + Action Planning = Results


Every morning it’s my ritual to extend gratitude for the things I have and spend time manifesting the things I want/need. For the last 6 or so years, this formula has never failed me; but it’s taken me an enormous amount of discipline and dedication for my lil ol heart’s desires to come to pass. Why? Because just manifesting my wants and needs was simply not enough.

Manifesting the outcome or result is very much like drawing up blue prints to your dream house. There’s the kitchen, the groovy bathroom and perhaps even a double shower. All great in concept, but unless you set forth a plan of action, secure the financing, hire the builder and actually take physical steps to see that dream come true, that house will not just poof itself into the other end of your apartment driveway.

The key is to set forth the action plan behind that manifestation. Will it always play out as you planned it? Maybe not, but steps taken always render results. The way I do all my manifesting is to “calendar project” my intentions (or action items). I use a good ol fashioned paper calendar, fill it up with notes, action items and go!

Works like a charm. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and the $267M he made consistently doing this little exercise.

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60+ is the new 20?


Not only celebrating women over 60, they’re making them the “face” of their brands. Can we just adore this milestone for a moment?

Marc Jacobs featuring Jessica Lange
Full Article

NARS Cosmetics features 68 Yr. old Charlotte Rampling

Full Article

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How and Why Pitching Your Reality Show is Great for Personal Branding ;-)

It’s not about the perfect presentation or about impressing scary execs in towering LA buildings. Listen live as I decompress my notes from panel consisting of a major studio exec, reality show agent and pro-industry writer, as they spell out the formula to the perfect pitch.
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Few fun pics from the peanut stand:




Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles

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Showcasing Holiday Specials with Flair

This year we wanted to zest up our holiday specials a bit.  In the spirit of two types of layouts that were super hot during 2013, we thought it would be fun to showcase the specials in this light.

Part One – The Info Graphic Inspired Look

Seems like there was a info graphic for just about every single topic, system or work plan this year, yes?  We love sharing them and creating them for ease of communication.  As a marketer, it’s important to remember that these little cute charts are slowly condidtioning the learning patterns of your consumer.  Maybe it’s the cute little graphics, side bar sayings or just the fact that it all matches so well together.  So in the spirit of keeping up with what consumers like, we decided to layout our holiday deals in a similar pattern.  Not so much as a work plan or educational system, but more as a journey through the beauty buying mental process.  Image


Part Two – The Polyvore Inspired Look

How much do you love looking at those amazing fashion collections in magazines or freshly pinned styles on Pintrest?  We thought it would be cute to lay out some of our seasonal specials, gifts and promos in this light as well.  Again, keeping the consumer buying patterns in mind.  After all keeping it fresh and interesting is always the name of the retail game, right?





Have some fun and interesting ways to promote your holiday specials this season?  Please share!

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